Why Juice is good for you.

It’s a simple recipe - look after your staff and they will have the motivation, commitment and drive to look after your organisation. Juice delivers increased engagement through happy, healthy and productive employees.

Organisational benefits.

Enjoy a fresh approach to engaging your employees in their personal health and wellbeing.

  • The power of engagement

    The power of engagement

    Juice inspires and motivates by making it easy for your employees to discover and access a wide variety of healthy activities and information.

  • Value in every drop

    Value in every drop

    The effectiveness of Juice is based on hard facts and figures. Usage statistics, feedback and ratings all help you measure the value of your investment.

  • Designed to fit your organisation

    Designed to fit your organisation

    Juice activities and advice are built around your needs, right through to reflecting your corporate brand on your Juice website.

  • Health & wellbeing in one place

    Health & wellbeing in one place

    Juice’s vibrant website provides a central place to co-ordinate activities and share information and encouragement.

  • Lead with people and policy

    Lead with people and policy

    Juice puts your people first and also puts your organisation at the forefront of the national agenda for health and wellbeing.

  • An award-winning strategic HR initiative

    An award-winning strategic HR initiative

    Juice was developed and proven at the University of Sheffield and has won several major HR awards.

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Health and wellbeing benefits.

With activities for a healthy body and mind, Juice is a large glass of goodness that's great for your team as well as your business.

  • Concentration


  • Focus


  • More energy

    More energy

  • Less stress

    Less stress

Discover how our activities help.



Boost your strength, endurance, and mobility with these fun and engaging fitness sessions for all abilities.

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