More than just a supplier.

We know what it’s like to run a health and wellbeing offer for thousands of colleagues within a large employer. We’ve been there before.

We're with you every step of the way.

A practical, values driven approach

Juice started its journey at the University of Sheffield, delivering health and wellbeing services to around 8,200 staff. We now work with multiple organisations across different sectors, ensuring their offers are easy to navigate and communicate, and simple to manage.

When we first created Juice, we set some core values. These values are the building blocks that make Juice what it is and underpin every decision we make.

  • Juice is for everyone
  • Juice starts with the needs of the employee, not the employer
  • Juice emotionally engages with people
  • Juice showcases people’s hobbies, interests, and talents
  • Juice is informal yet informed
  • Juice embraces technology
  • Juice has a bias for action.

We bring organisations together

Nobody knows the challenges that our clients face better than our clients.

Every year we host a Juice Summit. This one day event brings our clients together to meet our Board, Advisory Board, partners, and representatives from other clients so we can learn, share, and grow together. Working with our company partners we host a series of small workshops jam packed with useful takeaways to reflect upon and implement at their own workplaces.

We also use the Juice Summit as an opportunity for us to share what’s going on here at Everyday Juice Limited, and work with our clients to plan how the company moves forward.