Working together

As a cooperative, by sharing our resource we can ensure that the NHS is a remarkable place to work which attracts and retains its talented people.

Creating an NHS cooperative

We’ve had the privilege of speaking with senior HR colleagues across the NHS for a number of years now, and every time we’re left inspired by the amount of work that employers are doing in health and wellbeing.

There are challenges though. We’ve found that as well as facing the same challenges as many other large employers, there are some unique challenges faced by your staff: 

  • Recognising the health and wellbeing offer for staff, being able to effectively communicate the offer, and navigating around services is difficult
  • Management of provision requires a growing amount of financial and people resource
  • It’s not unusual for members of staff:
    • To be doing 10, 12, or 14-hour shifts
    • To have little capacity to leave their workstation during the working day
    • To live outside of their employer’s locality with a long commute
    • To have younger or older dependents.

In addition to the above challenges, what’s really been apparent is that the NHS is incredibly devolved, in particular in England. This presents a challenge to those who are unable to engage before or after work but also during their working day.

Our vision is to create a cooperative where all NHS organisations can pool relevant provision together so members of staff throughout the UK can engage in staff health and wellbeing provision at a time and place that suits them. All of this provision will be accessible in one place, making the user journey simple and showcasing the fantastic opportunities that you are already making available to staff. 

So, if a colleague works in Leeds but lives in Sheffield, or they go on secondment in London, they can access support when they need it.