Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Get on your back's side by learning to sit straighter and smarter.

Course overview.

We've all been there, sat at your desk for extended periods of time looking at a computer screen or jotting your notes down in a meeting, it can take its toll on your back. Bad backs are on the rise nationwide as we sit more and walk less at work as well as our social lives, so it’s important to keep our posture in check.

It could be different though. With a few some simple adjustments to your sitting position, being mindful of our posture, and by incorporating some simple core stability exercises at work and at home, our Occupational Health experts can get you avoid discomfort for good!

Course duration: 1 half day
Sessions: 1x 4hr session

What participants say

Who knew that making a few seat adjustments and easy desk changes could make such a difference?!

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