If you talk for a living, it can take a serious toll on your voice. But do you know how to help it recover quicker? We have the tools.

Course overview.

Better care for voices that need to take the strain.

If you were going to go for a big session in the gym, or you were heading out for a long run, you’d give yourself time to recover afterwards and let your body repair itself. So why should we treat our voices any differently?

For some of us, our jobs and lifestyles require us to speak on a regular basis. Maybe you’re a board member, lecturer, presenter or teacher, or maybe you work on a phone, come and see our voice expert in one of our group sessions and let the recuperation begin.

Course duration: 12 weeks
Sessions: 24 (2x 45 min sessions per week)

What participants say

I never thought about treating my voice like a muscle before, but it's amazing how much of a difference it makes!

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