Building your community

We all want to get a return from your investment. We want Juice to benefit your people, you want to be an employer of choice, and your employees want to be healthy and happy in their work. To get there, we’ll take you through a staged approach.

Step 1 - The Juice platform

The first stage is accessibility. The easier it is for your colleagues to access the services that they need and want, the better chance of engagement you’re going to get in return.

Juice brings your wellbeing into one place using an easily recognisable identity, which makes your service incredibly simple to communicate.

Juice has a bias for action, with the aim of bringing people together through shared experiences and common interests. Part of this is showcasing the services that you have on offer, but also encouraging and enabling colleagues to share their own passions, interest, and talents with others. Juice will automate the booking process for all these activities and events from start to finish, leaving you with more time to do what’s most important; engaging with colleagues.

For those that aren’t able, or want access to a different type of resource, we have our Health Hub. Here, your colleagues will have access a range of information and advice using the Five Ways to Wellbeing framework; connect, be active, keep learning, give, and take notice. 

Juice will deliver:

  • Your wellbeing offer in one place
  • An easily recognisable identity
  • Straightforward communication
  • Regular information and advice for users in our Health Hub
  • A fully automated booking process
  • Instant user feedback
  • Expert support from our team
  • All Juice developments come with your contract

Case study: University of Westminster

Step 2 - Add your activities

Body health checks – walking groups – Lego lunches – sword dancing classes – run groups - nutrition workshops – Scalectrix racing – sewing machine clubs – mindfulness courses – Strictly Come Dancing sessions – circuit training - beer tasting nights – guide dog puppy walks – bootcamps - cycling trips – book clubs – learning lunches.

Over the years, Juice has facilitated a wide range of different activities, events, and workshops for colleagues to take part in. Some of these have been organised by the employer and some were organised by us, but most were the hobbies and passions of users; their employees.

The range of activities that you could see on your Juice platform is as broad as creativity will allow, and you might be surprised just how much is already going on under the radar within your own workplace.

We’re here to help you discover them.

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Step 3 - Employee experience

Now that we have the infrastructure in place and a range of activities ready to engage your community, we need to look at ways we can embed wellbeing and social connectivity into the wider employee experience.

Throughout your time with us we will work with you to identify opportunities to place wellbeing at the centre of colleague interactions and organisations processes.

  • Conversation Canvas

    Conversation Canvas

    The perfect framework to enable discussions between colleagues about their overall wellbeing, and creates ample opportunities to grow your community.

  • Consultancy services

    Consultancy services

    We have years of wellbeing experience as a business and a wellbeing team. We can help keep you on the right track to create a truly remarkable place to work.

Discover the Conversation Canvas