Doing business, differently

A good business should do right by it's people, clients, communities, and the planet. We're with you on that journey.

People. Planet. Prosperity

Our story begins as a very small wellbeing and HR team supporting thousands of colleagues at the University of Sheffield. We thought we had an underdeveloped wellbeing proposition, and what we did have, we thought the user journey to access these services was weak and difficult to communicate.

In response we created Juice using a number core values. These values are the building blocks that make Juice what it is and underpin every decision we make.

  • Juice is for everyone
  • Juice starts with the needs of the employee, not the employer
  • Juice emotionally engages with people
  • Juice showcases people’s hobbies, interests, and talents
  • Juice is informal yet informed
  • Juice embraces technology
  • Juice has a bias for action.

We thought that this was unique to us at the University, but after various discussion and cross-sector conference presentations we realised that we're all in the same boat. 

We know what it’s like in your shoes running a wellbeing proposition for thousands of colleagues and want to leave this world in a better position than we found it. Everything that we do has social purpose at its heart and as business we believe in the triple bottom line; people, planet, and prosperity.


We’re here to positively impact all stakeholders, from the lives of your employees, the business goals of your organisations, and the communities that you serve.

To bring this impact to life, we catch up with all of our clients at least once per month to ensure we’re adding value and include our clients and partners in every aspect of the business and product development process.

Our team consists of:

  • Gary Butterfield – Co-founder of Juice and Executive Director at Everyday Juice Limited
  • Andrew Wood – Commercial Director at Everyday Juice Limited
  • Andrew Dodman – Co-founder of Juice and Chief HR Officer at Leeds City Council
  • Rob Baker – Founder and Chief Positive Deviant at Tailored Thinking
  • Dr Les Smith – Senior Occupational Health Clinician and Consultant at UK Health and Wellbeing
  • Duncan Barratt – HR Director at the University of Westminster
  • YOU – As a client of Everyday Juice Limited, you will be invited to join us.

In previous years we’ve held an annual “Juice Summit”, a one day event that brought the organisations we work with together to network, learn, and grow together. Working with our company partners we hosted a series a small workshops jam packed with useful takeaways to reflect upon and implement in their own workplaces.

The Covid-19 pandemic put a stop to this event but as we start to come back together once again we’re looking forward to revitalising the Summit.


Our home city of Leeds, like many other cities and governments around the world, has declared a climate emergency. In response, we’ve set ourself the ambitious target of achieving carbon neutrality by the end of 2021, on the road to achieving net zero by end of 2022.

As a business we’re proud to have signed up to the B Corp Climate Collective and the UK Government's SME Climate Hub. We’re early in this journey and consider this to be a top priority for the benefit of our cities, country, and our planet.


Like all businesses we need to earn revenue so we can keep the lights on. However, we’re not interested in jumping into a vault full of coins like Scrooge McDuck.

We reinvest the money that we make as a company back into the business and its services, whether that be growing our team, developing additional features and capabilities into Juice, or investing in environmental causes.

When revenue is used for adding value to our community instead of investor dividends we all benefit.